Antidote for Orwellian divide

  I agree with President Donald John Trump... Well, reports are that the POTUS is rather fluid on it, but I agree with him at those times when he's wanted a full-on, Katie-bar-the-door, no-holds-barred, bring-on-the-documents-and-witnesses, Senate Impeachment Trial. I have no idea why President Trump might want the circus I'm suggesting here, and probably for … Continue reading Antidote for Orwellian divide

Democracy on trial

an existential concern... A full and fair finding of all the facts (e.g., all relevant documents and pertinent witnesses) is the bare minimum-standard the president and Americans need from the recently convened Senate Impeachment Trial—the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history. This stress-test of democracy is not a partisan matter. We truly need 100 … Continue reading Democracy on trial

Dealing with dilemmas

Holding the keys...   Image by Merio || CC0 Concluding this mini-series... This week we conclude our four-part mini-series and brief consideration of Barry Johnson's Polarity Management [PM] work. In the first three installments we've differentiated problems to be solved from polarities to be managed—(1st—Root of polarization problem?) (2nd—Unsolvable problems) (3rd—Unresolvable polarization).     Dealing … Continue reading Dealing with dilemmas

Unresolvable Polarization?

  Polarities are eternal relationships... Many difficulties are reflections of relationships that are not resolvable binaries—e.g., not either/or problems. Rather, they are unsolvable dilemmas—e.g., both/and polarities. In week one (Root of polarization problem?) and two (Unsolvable problems) of this mini-series we've taken up Barry Johnson's Polarity Management™ book [PM] and model.  As I allude above, the … Continue reading Unresolvable Polarization?

Unsolvable problems

  Polarity Management™ [cont.] ... Last week we considered that Taoism offers a sublime narrative (and image) for how duality manifests underlying unity. In pragmatic terms, duality may be seen being manifested in various ways. Adding to our Western (Aristotelian) way of treating duality, Barry Johnson has made a helpful distinction between problems to solve … Continue reading Unsolvable problems