The (human) “useless class”

Diminishing return... Historian Yuval Noah Harari has sounded an alarm regarding the power of some of the new technologies to harmfully disrupt human life as we know it. Key disruptions include serious economic impacts on life as humans steadily lose their utility and instrumental value as a factor in the means of production. Perhaps causing … Continue reading The (human) “useless class”

The first problem

      Posing the first problem:     Non-human living entities live in an objective reality (that is, they're consciously at-one with material objects, surfaces, exteriors: a monological reality). Conversely, humans seem to live concurrently—and self-consciously—in both subjective and objective realities (that is, a dual, or dialogical reality). This very basic truth is built into our ['integral'] holism mnemonic: … Continue reading The first problem