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Note: Serial approach. Introductory post (June 30). First in series (July 1).


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You’ve nearly made it through this yearyou know, the one designated 2018.

I wish for you purpose and peace in the coming year.

I pray Divine Presence finds a warm welcome in your daily, ordinary participation in this wonder we call life.


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This blog’s journey thus far…

Thank you for coming along this past six months! The intuitive, Life Conditions [LCs] (e.g., current events) sensitive method I’ve engaged to structure my presentation of a developmental anthropology drawn from Spiral Dynamics [SD] has assured we would meander a good bit on our way to a basic, shared understanding. We did. I’ll remind you of a quote I used in the introductory post:

“Here goes, and bear with me if at first I seem irrelevant.” ~ Ernest Everhard

My efforts to writeand, even more importantly, your efforts to readhere each week have finally paid off. This, in the sense that the shared language we’ve already managed to establish, is sufficient to allow taking up very polarized issues without (necessarily) getting caught immediately in the tribalism attending nearly every issue. By treating issues in terms of values, rather than buzz-words or talking-points, we open possibilities for new solutions and alternative pathways forward.


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This journey continues…

So, beginning with Change Conditions 5 & 6; Five Stages/Phases in Change; Seven Change Variations; more on the vMEMEs; and many other jewels of SD wisdom, I believe there is still a good bit more to share from the wisdom of Graves and SD and I plan to continue writing here weekly on that and hopefully in relation to aspects of current events.

My hope is that my musings here have already sparked your interest and action to read the Spiral Dynamics book. Short of that, below I have placed links to all my posts in this #ReturnToDecency series and I would recommend reading all the entries published here  from the past six months (all five-minute-reads). I have mostly written in a serial format, although my hope has always been that each piece could stand alone sans the SD language and inputs. Sometimes I’ve been successful at that, sometimes a major fail on all counts. In any case, reading them in any order is OK, the SD information/language is cumulative. 


Delta airline
Headed to ATL || CC0

I’m headed to Atlanta…

I’ll be traveling to Georgia this week. First, an afternoon and evening in Atlanta with a dear old friend from high school that I have not seen in many years. It will be real good to catch up a bit! The following day my daughter ‘E’ and her partner ‘H’ will pick me up to begin our exciting adventure. I can hardly wait to see them! Top priority is a visit to Atlanta’s High Museum to experience a major exhibit making its final stop on its North American tour. Seeing this exhibit was the original inspiration for the trip as this is my daughter’s favorite artist. The artist is world renowned, Yayoi Kusama, from Japan. 


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“Dots and Pumpkins Infinity Mirror” Yayoi Kusama ||CC0

Very excited as Kusuma’s latest exhibition, Infinity Mirrors, spans her prolific, seven-decade career and is currently finishing a tour of six North American cities. Sold-out tickets have reportedly been very hard to acquire. Kusama has been likened to a rock star of the art universeprops and gratitude to my old friend in Atlanta for getting us tickets as the exhibit sold out in a matter of hours…Thanks J! The exhibition includes installations, sculptures and a series of paintings that have never been shown before in the U.S.


High Exhibit
The High Museum: Exhibitions <–click

After we experience the exhibitand anything else my daughter or H wants me to see/do in Atlantawe’ll head to their place down Valdosta-way to hang out for a few days. Early next Sunday we’ll head over to Jacksonville, Florida to experience the ocean, other sights, and so forth over there for the day, and then I fly back home out of JAX that evening.

Next time…

Next time we’ll finish our look at the Six Change Conditions with conditions 5 & 6, and, if space allows, we’ll take a brief look at the five stages/phases of deep change. In the meantime I do encourage you to read through the series (links below) to fill-in any holes or missing language you may have in the Spiral Dynamics narrative space that we are creating.

Hopes and New Year wishes…


Your thoughts?

I never know what I’ve said till I hear the response. What did you hear me say?

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SD Worldview Color Key



“Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box” by the Arbinger Institute

“Anatomy of Peace” by the Arbinger Institute

“Spiral Dynamics” by Donald Edward Beck and Christopher C. Cowan


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Year end #ReturnToDecency for December 30, 2018


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