No free will?

  Paul Revere for our time? On my reading, Yuval Noah Harari has made telling a deadly serious cautionary tale his mission. In his books, Sapiens, and Homo Deus,—full disclosure: I'm still reading through Homo Deus (I'm processing my provisional understandings of Harari's thought here on the blog in real time)—Harari paints a troubling picture of a … Continue reading No free will?


G-d in experience? An essential piece of any conception of mysticism is experience. What are we talking about when we use the word experience? Because objections to mystical religion often quickly surface—e.g., the perennial difficulties with experience: discernment and falsifiability/authority. What of enthusiasm?   Nuts and bolts Drawing heavily from Randy Maddox's work concerning John … Continue reading E X P E R I E N C E

Second-hand religion?

'Mysticism,' so what? [pt. 2] The institutional form[s] of second-hand religion may fittingly be thought of as a "dead man walking." Please allow me to explain.   'Forms' and being/doing church Sadly, in my lifetime the Church (the one on the ground in ordinary neighborhoods near and far) has essentially ignored much, if any, teaching, or even … Continue reading Second-hand religion?