Science and predictability

  Reality?     I take existence to be a subset of Reality. I take it that existence is neither exclusively (materially) deterministic nor is it totally random in its expression. Rather,—what with seemingly random factors like the presence and influence of quantum energies—from a scientific point of view, the nature of existence is seen … Continue reading Science and predictability

Grief revisited (part 2)

Vital distinction Last week we differentiated grief (our internal thoughts and feelings in experiencing loss) from mourning (our external expression of the thoughts and feelings experienced in grief). Our culture tends to conflate the two and often mistakenly uses the terms interchangeably. The first is rather automatic, the second only somewhat so. While mourning is … Continue reading Grief revisited (part 2)

Show me the money!

Uncomfortable question to ponder: What does our massive national messaging campaign around our "Stay home" mitigation response to the Covid-19 pandemic say to our half million homeless citizens and residents?   Unsolicited punditry (if that)! Well, they say only the brave—and the retired—dare speak difficult truth. However, because of institutional control-systems, "the brave" never last … Continue reading Show me the money!

Political achievability?

Trolling? The earliest known attestation of ‘internet trolling’ is 1992, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, or so says Wikipedia. Without really knowing what it was called at the time, the first memorable instance of trolling that I recall seeing came eight years later. In February, Pope Francis called Christians to a particular fast, e.g., … Continue reading Political achievability?

Potus Trump wins re-elect

Counterpoint Before I state my case on why/how President Donald J. Trump wins re-elect, I'd like to start with a viewpoint that completely overturns my humble reluctant sorrowful assertion. Rachel Bitecofer is a rising star on the U.S. political analyst/forecaster stage. She makes an outlier argument that persuasion aimed at Independents is of questionable value … Continue reading Potus Trump wins re-elect