The point of peace

  'Peace,' a feature of the Divine ...  In the Center for Action and Contemplation daily meditation published on July 29, Friar Rohr relates the teaching of Life School faculty member, Dr. Barbara Holmes. Writing about "God's Abiding Presence," Rohr quotes at length from Holmes' book, Joy Unspeakable [Fortress Press, 2nd ed. (2017)]: Holiness is a concept that … Continue reading The point of peace

Trump’s ‘American jeremiad’

Paradox (number 43) My understanding is that randomness exists, but is a subset of Providence. Yeah, the only way to visualize such a thought is with the lens of paradox. I only raise this point because Providence was at work in my experience this week.   Providence I stumbled upon a fascinating Scientific American [SA] article this … Continue reading Trump’s ‘American jeremiad’

Is the POTUS a racist?

An even half dozen... Striking how often the issues of racism and white supremacy have been the focus of my weekly blog posts over the past year. Today's post makes seven of fifty-five (12.72%). Cf. archive: "Like a rainbow;" "Gag on political speech" (subhead); "Beauty and protest?" "He took a knee;" "White privilege" (subhead); "Relentless is change"—I … Continue reading Is the POTUS a racist?