Spiral Dynamics is amoral

Imagine stories around a campfire... a mystical mobius hopes to create a space that feels like sitting around a digital campfire.  ~~~   Spiral Dynamics [SD] is amoral?  Yes, by nature's design. Well, Clare Graves' research and theory presumes that evolution plays the role of 'designer.' So, it seems quite fitting that Graves' theory/model begins … Continue reading Spiral Dynamics is amoral

white Americans are *fragile*

"White" *fragility*? Thanks to "White" *fragility*, racism is frequently a very difficult topic for white people. So, in deference to any potential discomfort of any white mystical möbius readers, we'll slowly ease into our discussion of the White supremacy issue this week.  Not.   That's one way White fragility seeks to serve and preserve White privilege. If we won't … Continue reading white Americans are *fragile*