a moral failure

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This week, sadly, Texas seems like a fine illustration for a bipartisan government-fails-to-work argument (both R’s and D’s are livid in Texas). That’s another post. This piece treats a failure to express moral leadership, but not by Ted Cruz, as in Texas, rather, by U.S. Senators Roger Marshall and Jerry Moran, right here in Kansas.

So, last week we talked about an existential problem that can be summed as the Earth I || Earth II divide. Unfortunately, naming it as a binary may aggravate the issues. However, in practical terms, it is indeed “binary”—it’s an either/or excluded-middle form. In our constitutional democracy, a two-sets-of-facts divide makes America unsustainable. 

DJT has claimed for months—he still claims—that the election was stolen. Sen. Moran refuses to repudiate it. Ironically, former AG William Barr plainly disagreed with DJT. Listen:



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Barr and Moran at KBI FSC (10/2/2019)

Kansas’ senators are failing to lead, and it’s very dangerous.

Recall, when the senate regathered after the insurrection, Senator Mitt Romney said: “The best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth.”


Simple question for my senators:

Do you support, or refute, DJT‘s “stolen election” story?

My senators in Kansas have refused to plainly answer this question. That’s clearly a moral failing. And, the question isn’t going away.

I’ve also asked both Marshall and Moran to affirm, or deny, the common sense statement made by Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, on the senate floor shortly after he acquitted DJT

“President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.” —MM

McConnell plainly states what we could call an Earth I minimum benchmark regarding the evidence/facts. 

Cynical political expedience 

Now, both my senators did vote to acquit DJT in impeachment number two. However, on the record they have claimed their votes were based on a procedural technicality, e.g., a jurisdictional question. That doesn’t speak to the evidence and facts. It’s a moral failing.



Further, Senator Marshall was one of only six senators who, very late on January 6, also voted to object to receiving the electoral college votes from Arizona. Senator Marshall appears to support DJT‘s “stolen election” disinformation story, his behavior affirms it. So, why won’t he just plainly say so? It’s a moral failing.    

Kansas senators reflect a no-integrity inverse of the same dynamic as Michigan Republican leaders. Representative Peter Meijer of Michigan was one of the ten House Republicans who displayed courage/integrity and voted to impeach DJT. A newspaper (NY Times) story reads: “Nancy Eardley, who spoke next, urged Mr. Meijer to stop saying the election had not been stolen. She said he had ‘betrayed’ his Republican base.”

“Stop saying the election had not been stolen,” Eardly said. In other words, stop telling the truth, it’s a betrayal of DJT‘s QOP base

My question is, after January 6, are all Republicans still a solid part of DJT‘s base?

Because Senator McConnell and about twenty-or-so other elected Republican leaders are indicating the Republican Party needs to move away from DJT.

Conversely, Senator Lindsay Graham has plainly stated he believes that it’s now “Trump-plus” in the Republican Party and that the party cannot win without DJT. [Lindsey Graham said ‘Count me out’ after the Capitol riot. But he’s all in with Trump again.]

These are clear distinctions between a Republican Party as visualized by McConnell and the party as seen by Graham. There is no both sides abided here, that’s a moral failing.

OK? Seriously!?! To be very gracious, here’s totally tone-deaf & completely clueless, or cynical beyond imagination, Senator Roger Marshall (Q, KS), January 6:

Embed from Getty Images

Moral failing

FBI: No Evidence Antifa Involved In Capitol Chaos and Capitol Insurrection Updates. And yet, in conversation on Senator Marshall’s The-facebook page, a common, matter-of-fact belief is reflected in this paraphrased-summary of voter comments under a post shared by the senator:

“The Dems, BLM and antifa staged the riot at the Capitol to make it look like it was MAGA and blame President Trump. Ask Pelosi why the National Guard was not there and prepared for a riot.” 

The narrative the “Dems” staged the Capitol assault has been widely debunked and roundly dismissed. Marshall/Moran’s silence on simple straight-forward questions adds inappropriate ambiguity and allows space for those deceived by DJT‘s disinformation.

“Stolen election” is a debunked lie.

“The Dems false-flag insurrection” is a debunked lie.

Senator Marshall/Moran’s silence on my fair/simple questions is a profound moral failing.


*Earth I || Earth II* …  two shibboleth questions

Senators Marshall and Moran, you’re failing to lead, morally. Please provide your common sense answers to the following:

Do you support, or refute, DJT’s “stolen election” story?

Do you affirm, or deny, Senator McConnell’s statement?


Next week: No idea. Come see. 

[this post approx. 850 words (3 min. read)]

Your thoughts? 

I never know what I’ve said till I hear the response. What did you hear me say? 


7 thoughts on “a moral failure

  1. While I certainly agree that the two Kansas senators you have referenced are exhibiting a moral failing, they are following a right-wing media narrative that is being promoted by big-money interests. If there was not a Newsmax, OAN, and Fox to name the main ones, promoting and defending these blatant lies and convincing 75% (Feb 4th poll) of all Republicans that the election was stolen, then elected Senators and Representatives would stop reflecting the beliefs of their constituencies.

    To me, the root cause of the problem with the Kansas Senators is the cognitive dissonance inherent in the Republican Party electorate preventing people from accepting the truth. And, with pundits like Tucker Carlson coming on the TV everyday stoking the Pub Party’s cognitive dissonance not just on the stolen-election untruth, but a myriad of subjects where they deny reality, facts, and science, then this type of behavior will continue.

    I’ve lost close friends who changed almost overnight when they started watching these channels and then getting all their news from them and websites like https://townhall.com/ Now those friends will not believe anything they don’t see on those sites or hear at their echo-chamber evangelical church from other members.

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    1. hey now, shastatour,

      Well, sadly, I find little to disagree with in your text. Your perspective is an indication/illustration that reality now analogously vindicates narrative theology, the hard way.

      I guess it’s the senators’ lack of care for the plight of ordinary people caught-up in the disinformation schemes that troubles me the most. Especially disgusting morally is Senator Marshall’s willingness to intentionally allow (and even leverage and exploit) a delusional space for his constituents simply based on his own personal political expediency. DJT modeled it plainly. Moral failing. Cowardice. Period.

      Thanks for writing!


  2. Thank-you for holding our Senators to a higher moral standard. As elected officials we look to them for positive leadership. I wonder if Senator Marshall is playing his constituency as suckers or has he gone down the disinformation rabbit hole. Any Republican who now espouses a belief in facts or science and calls out the blatant lies is immediately labeled a RINO. There is a strong incentive for elected Republicans to play along with the lies – are they playing or do they really believe the delusions? i cannot tell anymore


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